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Vegan options - Wellington, NZ

Updated: May 7, 2018

2016, I found a few good places to eat vegan in Wellington, NZ. With it being such a small city most of my favourite restaurants were located on the same street, Cuba Street.

The best breakfast I had was from Fidels Cafe, the atmosphere was brilliant. Always full and everyone enjoying good food. Although this wasn’t a fully vegan establishment, it did have some tasty options to choose from. My favourite being the vegan breakfast and a caramel soy latte. Usually we paid around $20 each per visit but was well worth it. They have some pretty good cuban style coffee too.

The other place was Aunty Mena's Vegetarian Restaurant & Cafe. They had the best BBQ dumplings, they tasted so meat like I had to double check I had ordered the right dish and that it wasn’t somehow meat by mistake. And they had a very tasty tofu curry too. It was also a very busy place, filled with people of all ages and backgrounds. Friendly staff and really good on price! It can be hard to locate though as the sign outside isn't clear, it does say vegetarian and vegan restaurant above the parade of shops so keep a look out.

And if you’re looking for a tasty decadent treat, Midnight Espresso is the place to go. They would do the most delicious chocolate cakes. Their desserts were always top notch and most options on the menu could be made vegan. A very trendy place to go get your coffee and cake. It felt almost like a bar and it was open until 3am! Perfect for the strange people like me who like to have a coffee at 11pm…

Finally a place we stopped in on our way home one day, Laundry. Located right at the top of Cuba St. They have a few vegan options on their menu and again had a brilliant atmosphere with a trendy bar.

Wellington had a lot of sushi places too where you could pick up vegan options on the go relatively cheap. Their McDonalds also had soy milk for the coffees (which I wish the UK would catch up with) although no veggie option on their menu apart from fries. And they did seem to have a lot more vegan places than I would have thought at first with NZ being known for its sheep, so that was awesome. Still craving the chocolate cake from Midnight Espresso!

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