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Vegan options - Toronto, Canada

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Toronto is full of amazing restaurants! One of my favourite cities, having lived there and regularly visiting friends there, it’s a place close to my heart.

It is a vegans paradise. I have never had a problem finding vegan options here. It is a very liberal city so there are a lot of brilliant vegan places. Anything you want, you can find vegan.

Although it can be pricey to buy vegan from the supermarkets, eating out didn’t seem too bad.

One thing I would always eat when I lived in Toronto was poutine… my gosh I was truly addicted. I had never heard of it before living there and remember seeing someone eat it and being like.. eww. But after my first try I was won over. Not at all healthy but very very tasty. It’s not just cheese, chips and gravy… its done much better.. the classic Smokes Poutine after a night out.. perfect.

So when I visited again after going vegan that was one thing I really wanted to find. A good old vegan poutine! And my gosh I found it, Apiecalypse located on 735 Bloor st west. They do the BEST vegan poutine and I would highly recommend this place. They also do some amazing pizzas, the famous Fat Mac pizza is their biggest hit. I went in to get a slice before I left last time and they had sold out.. so thats my mission for next time. But I had a very tasty selection of doughnuts.. they do full size doughnuts or mini ones. I remember having the classic Homer Simpson doughnut, pink with sprinkles! Not only did it look amazing, it tasted so good.

Another awesome place is Cosmic Vegan in Kensington Market. They have vegan cakes, ice cream, sweets and mains. I love their vegan mac and cheese balls and jalapeño poppers. Also their cookies ice-cream was a real winner on a hot day. There are places to sit outside and eat in the sunshine which is always good in Kensington as so much is always going on. Fantastic food and very lovely staff! Kensington Market also have a few food stores that have a lot of vegan options, much more than i’ve seen in the UK, so take a look around there if you’re looking for goodies to cook with.

Most places do have soy milk so you can enjoy your morning lattes without having to worry where carries non-dairy milk, although Tim Hortons still hasn’t started using it.. fingers crossed that some time in the future a vegan ice cap will be an option! But Tims do have the cinnamon raisin bagel (and a few others) that is vegan and a soup. A few other places to check out are Bloomers, HogTown Vegan, Doomies, Bunners and of course Chipotle. All very good places for vegan food!

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