About me

I first became vegetarian in mid 2013 after watching an educational documentary on animal farming. I knew from that point that I couldn't keep eating animals. But having never cooked many vegetarian meals before I had to start researching new ideas. At first I do have to admit it did feel like I was missing out. But fast forward a year and I had become confident in my new vegetarian life style. Discovering vegetarian meat alternatives good and bad, but still having a lot of dairy cheese and eggs as my options.

After watching a few more documentaries I began realising there is still a lot of animal suffering in dairy and egg farms. Reluctantly I decided to try vegan alternatives. That's when I began to discover and explore cooking new recipes with ingredients I had never worked with before. And to my delight I found so many vegan options out there, I just never realised they existed. Vegan cheese, vegan milk, vegan chocolate and even vegan eggs! 

It's not until you start to read ingredients on food labels that you realise just what goes into the food we eat. I decided to start learning to cook properly at home. I love being able to make a dish so full of colour and flavours and knowing nothing had to suffer for my meal. 

Of course nutrition is a big concern for new vegans but if read up on properly from the right sources it becomes obvious you can get all you need from grains, veggies, fruits and nuts. And yes I do eat a lot of vegan junk food at times too, it's just so tasty! 

I made this website to share what I love and show others how they can make tasty food. I want to inspire others to develop their own ideas when it comes to cooking vegan and experience what vegan food has to offer. It isn't all rabbit food, enjoy.